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Moisture Levels Precisely Calculated

Applications – Many cigarette and cigar factories in Europe, Africa, America and Asia successfully deploy our devices for measuring the moisture in leaf tobacco, cut tobacco, stems, cigarettes or cigars.

Measuring systems – Our range of instruments includes portable testers, systems for laboratory use and process control, as well as special solutions for the measuring of moisture and weight distribution in separate cigarettes.

Moisture calibration – Updated instrument calibration is invariably available to produce highly accurate results for each type and brand of cigarette.

Portable hand-held equipment and lance probe

MW 1100

The portable tester MW 1100 is designed for fast and easy moisture measuring in leaf tobacco and cuts.

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Lance probes and portable hand-held equipment

MW 4300 / MW 4310

The systems for laboratory or atline use meet the highest standards of quality assurance with respect to routine manual tests using special sensors to measure, for example, green leaf, cut tobacco or stem and can measure moisture and tobacco weight for each individual cigarette or cigar.

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Laboratory and “at-line“ equipment

MW 1150

Easy-to-use laboratory instrument optimized for fast and accurate routine tests.

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Laboratory equipment for accurate and rapid routine measurements

MW 3011

Systems of type MW 3011 feature cigarette rod sensors and a very fast electronics. They can be installed in cigarette or cigar making machines to measure tobacco weight for weight monitoring.

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Measuring and test stations for the estimation of moisture and density profiles

MW 4420

Testing station for measuring and analyzing the moisture and density profiles of cigarettes, including a system for suggesting improved settings of the cutter in the cigarette making machine.

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MW 4430

Testing station for the measuring of cigar moisture and density profiles.

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Areas of application

Practical Examples

Leaf tobacco, Leaves, Leaves or cut (all types and blends), Cut stems or leaves, Expanded cut, Cut (final blends)...

Suitable measuring instruments

The following measuring instruments are suitable for this area of application:

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