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Combining Tradition with Innovation

The company was founded in August of 1970 by its owner, Mr. Manfred Tews, and started the business by selling scientific calculators during the first years.
From this beginning EDP-based data collecting and evaluating systems were developed for laboratories and hospitals. In the mid 70's the development of process-control-computers for customer-specific applications in the wide field of process automation was started.

Beginning with 1985 the company TEWS Elektronik became the exclusiv representativ for a selection of moisture measuring systems in Northern Germany. The development of the first instrument based on microwave technology started in the late 80´s.

1991 the first powerful microwave measuring instrument was available, which works after the patented TEWS Elektronik method.

In the year 1997 the programm of labratory and process instruments was expanded by an additional online measuring technique with planar sensors.

As of 1999, the well proven 2-series models have been succeeded by the faster and more powerful models of the 3-series.

Today, the portfolio of TEWS Elektronik includes six different microwave measuring devices to meet high level requirements. The latest development is a mobile, battery powered microwave moisture measuring device.

With the addition of André Tews to the management body the foundation was laid for the continuation of TEWS Elektronik in the 2nd generation. Manfred Tews and Andre Tews will run the business together in the future.


1970 Establishment of Tews Elektronik

1971 First manufactured instrument: Computing Data Printer RD-1

1975 First TEWS computer TC 25

1985 Distribution of Quadra Beam NIR moisture meters

1989 Microwave moisture meter MW 2300 sold

1992 100th microwave instrument sold

1998 Introduction of online measuring using planar sensors and high-speed microwave measuring at 10,000 readings per sec.

1999 MW 2xxx model range replaced with 3rd generation instruments

2001 1,000th micro-wave instrument sold

2002 Launch of Mobile Microwave Moisture Meters MW 1000

2007 New “Blueline®” range presented

2009 MW 4XXX “Blueline” replaced the MW 3XX series

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