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Transmission Measuring Instrument MW-T

Core moisture is of particular interest in the case of large boxes and bales. The microwave transmission instrument MW-T allows non-contact measuring of core moisture irrespective of product density.

Transmission technique – MW-T has connectors for two antennas which mount on either side of the product to be measured. The sending antenna will emit microwaves to go through the product and be picked up by the receiving antenna. The electronic control instrument of MW-T analyzes the signal received and uses it to calculate the moisture and density of the product under analysis. The transmission technique was patented by TEWS Elektronik.

High measuring throughput – Working at high speed, the system takes approx. 30 readings per second which allows for the measuring of moisture and density profiles. Such profiles are useful in two ways: they allow operators to determine a mean moisture and density, and they allow the automatic detection of both foreign particles and places where moisture accumulates.

Fully automatic measuring of parceled goods – Light barriers and the ability to input digital signals allow parceled goods to be measured fully automatically. Moisture and density readings are stored or printed out to labels.

Insensitive to interference – Using MW-T to measure moisture content is not only independent of product densities but also of how the object of analysis is placed within the measuring line. Results are influenced neither by the exact distance between sensors and the product nor by any tilting of the boxes. This is what makes the instrument particularly suitable to industrial applications.

Measuring reflections from the product stream – Since sensors can be oriented vertically, MW-T can be used to carry out non-contact moisture and density measuring by picking up reflections from the product stream. This will always be the preferred option if sensors can easily get dirty through contact with the product or if the product temperature varies greatly.

Practical equipment – MW-T is also built to a robust and industrial design. A dust-proof and airtight stainless steel enclosure keeps its electronics insulated, turning the instrument into a low-maintenance piece of machinery for every industrial environment.

Touch screen and/or PC operation – MW-T has a color touchscreen monitor option to show results at the measuring point and allows all configuration settings to be changed at the instrument itself. The device can be remote-controlled via a network port as well.

Transmission Measuring Instrument MW-T
Core moisture is of particular interest in the case of large boxes and...

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Technical Data

Brief Description

The MW-T makes it possible for you to get a “glimpse” inside a closed box or the inside of large bales. Moisture and density measurements on a running belt, or while running a batch. Allow yourself to see, and print out, the average value of the moisture and density of your box or bale, or even the see the profile of your box or bale.

All additional important information can be found here for downloading in PDF format:

Implementation in Industry

TEWS Moisture and Density measuring instruments can be implemented in almost all branches of industry:


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