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Handheld Instruments MW 1100

The portable moisture meter MW 1100 is a light-weight and handy model which allows operators to quickly and accurately monitor the moisture in a wide variety of products. It is intended in applications for manufacturers, goods receiving stations and quality control departments.

Handling – The sensor of the MW 1100 is flat and dish-like at the bottom, designed to ensure full contact with the sample under analysis. The moisture content is obtained within one second and then displayed.

Standard configuration – The compact instrument is battery-operated and features a backlit LCD graphics display and integral planar sensor.

MW 1100-series instruments come in a compact portable case containing the measuring system, a universal loading net part and USB interface cable.

Measuring range – The actual measuring range is specific to the material under analysis, ranges from 1 – 50%, and can be selected in some sections. Supported product temperatures range from 5°C to 60°C, are read using the integral infrared temperature sensor and are compensated by optional thermally stabilized calibration.

Measuring time – Less than one second

Product memory – The EEPROM stores calibrations for up to 25 different products and a total of 250 measuring results.

Ports – The instrument features an USB port for PC connection and a charging socket.

Software – Besides the on-board firmware, PC communication can be operated using the convenient software "TEWS Moisture View Lite ©".

Technical Data

Brief Description

Hand-held measuring instruments for quick moisture measurement in storage, in production, or in the field. The MW 1100 is outfitted with planar sensors and is therefore especially compact and light.

All additional important information can be found here for downloading in PDF format:

Implementation in Industry

TEWS Moisture and Density measuring instruments can be implemented in almost all branches of industry:


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