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Profile Measuring Instrument MW 4430

Quality and cut control – The MW 4430 measuring station is ideal for controlling the quality of very many different cigarettes.

The patented measuring technique allows accurate measuring of cigar moisture and density regardless of the surface structure or color of the cigarette under analysis. The horizontal cigar transport bar ensures perfect results, allowing the moisture and density profile of every cigar brand to be calculated independently of each cigar diameter.

Easy operation – The integrated color touch screen and its self-explanatory user interface allow the system to accurately keep track of results in conformity with ISO 9000. The following details are read and kept: time, date, cigar and cigarette brand and make as well as minimum, maximum and average moisture and density values.

Results as mean values, standard deviation, minimum and maximum are shown graphically as an output to the screen and printer. Data can be exported to an USB memory stick for further processing by external programs such as spreadsheets. The Ethernet port allows integration into enterprise network, as appropriate.


Cigar testing station MW 4430!
The measuring spot with Hopper MW 4430 for moisture and density profiles of cigars is extremely suitable for…

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Technical Data

Brief Description

Profile measurements of cigars, Dens-End-Detection, Cut Position determination, etc. These are the buzzwords which live up to the MW 4300 (Cigars up to 20mm).

All additional important information can be found here for downloading in PDF format:

Implementation in Industry

The MW 4430 profile measuring instrument is applied in the following branch of industry:


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