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High-speed Instrument MW 3011

100% control – High-speed microwave measuring system MW 3011 is the latest innovation by TEWS Elektronik for parallel moisture and density measurement in rapidly moving products - for instance, cigarette rods during manufacture. 10,000 readings produced via an analog interface can be taken every second.

Applications – MW 3011 is used in the tobacco industry for online measurements of moisture and density in the production of cigarettes and cigar rods. Due to its high spatial resolution as well as many other factors, the system can perform an exact control of the cutting position or detection of foreign particles in the product.

The measuring of the filter raw material triacetin can also be controlled during fiber production for the tobacco industry.

Online measurements in quickly moving threads, yarns, weight measurements of tablets or gelatine capsules at a measuring speed of 50 capsules per second using this instrument have also already been performed successfully.

This allows 100% quality control of the measured material.

Technical Data

Brief Description

Is your process or your machine fast? We are faster! 10,000 measurements, and more, per second are not a problem for the MW 3011. This makes it possible to follow the moisture and density control even on the quickest of processes.

All additional important information can be found here for downloading in PDF format:

Possible Instrument Sensors

Here you will find the sensors that fit for your (Laboratory, Process, High-speed, please enter the appropriate one) TEWS instrument. We would be happy to help you with your selection according to your specifications concerning the moisture, density, and temperature range of your product.


Implementation in Industry

TEWS Moisture and Density measuring instruments can be implemented in almost all branches of industry:


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