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Laboratory Instrument MW 1150

The MW 1150 is designed as a small compact laboratory instrument or atline instrument. It is based on the MW 11xx technology which allows readings within milliseconds to obtain sensor values quickly and reliably. The backlit 5.7“ (14,5 cm) monitor displays the results - up to 250 readings can be stored in the system memory, atline applications use the standard 4-20mA standard interface to transfer values to a PLC. There are ports for a P1150-type printer and various temperature sensors.

MW 1150 is set up and calibrated via a PC connection. The cables required and the software "TEWS Moisture View Lite ©" are included in the package.

Almost all MW 4XXX-series laboratory sensors adapt to the MW 1150 circuitry.

MW 1150 introduces you to fast microwave moisture measuring at a reasonable cost.

Configuration – The moisture analyzer comes as a compact instrument designed for IP20 protection and equipped with a backlit LCD graphics display and an integral sensor of any of the very many different types. Power is supplied through an external pluggable power supply.

Measuring range – The actual measuring range is specific to the material under analysis and sensors, ranges from 0.1%-70.0% and can be selected in some sections. Supported product temperatures, ranging from 5°C to 60°C, are read using an optional external Pt100 or infrared temperature sensor and are compensated by optional using an automatic temperature-stabilized calibration.

Measuring time – Less than one second

Product memory – The EEPROM stores calibrations for up to 25 different products and a total of 250 measuring results.

Ports – The instrument features an analog output (4-20mA), a USB port for PC connection, a port for external temperature sensor connection (Pt100 or IR), and a printer port for the optional TEWS thermotransfer printer P1150.

Software – Besides the on-board firmware, PC communication can be operated using the convenient software "TEWS Moisture View Lite ©".

Technical Data

Brief Description

The MW 1150, the measuring instrument for routine measurements in the laboratory or At-line. Clear, easy to operate, and dependable when measuring. Using a connectable P1150 Printer the results can be printed directly and documented. With the “TEWS Moisture View Lite” software the MW1150 can be easily calibrated using the PC. 

All additional important information can be found here for downloading in PDF format:

Possible Instruments Sensors

Here you will find the sensors that fit for your (Laboratory, Process, High-speed, please enter the appropriate one) TEWS instrument. We would be happy to help you with your selection according to your specifications concerning the moisture, density, and temperature range of your product.


Implementation in Industry

TEWS Moisture and Density measuring instruments can be implemented in almost all branches of industry:


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